We help you to sow the right seeds, in order to harvest a future-proof world


 You as an entrepreneur, are you ready to:

  • Make your organisation future-proof and contribute to a brighter world?
  • Offer your employees more purpose in their day-to-day activities?
  • Include your employees in your sustainable business activities?


In that case, we are a great fit! We guide organisations to grow to a sustainable organisation, one step at a time. We focus on the DNA of the organisation and the intrinsic motivation of team members and aim for results.


    We help organisations to become more sustainable and future-proof. When defining sustainability we like to refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); 17 interconnected goals that focus on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. It’s much more than focussing on the climate alone. It’s striving to an ecological, social and economic future-proof world. 


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    Our offer (Dutch & English) is a combination of different building blocks which you can use to your benefit as an organization, team or for you individually as a professional. You can choose one of the building blocks or make a combination. Depending on the challenges you or your organisation are facing, we make a suitable plan of action.

    Inspiration & teambuilding

    Active & inspiring workshops and knowledge sessions


    Introduction course & survey

    Online introduction course about sustainability & internal survey

    Leadership for professionals course

    Online course about sustainable leadership for professionals

    Sustainability strategy creation

    Defining the sustainability strategy of the company or team

    Sustainability strategy implementation

    Implement the sustainability strategy, make impact, measure and improve

    All building blocks are detailed out in our digital brochure


    With help of a subsidy from the municipality of Eindhoven, 100 residents of Eindhoven completed the introduction course free of charge.


    Recently we (Jacklien and Mirjam) facilitated the SDG session with the Sustainability Ambassadors of Moonen Packaging. This workshop is part of their journey and training to become Sustainable Leaders. During the session the 8 participants decided upon the Sustainable Development Goals which fit their company best. With this session they’re half way through the course. We’re proud of the team .

    Covid-proof, interactive and using the resources available (hence the pallets and packaging material ) it was a great and effective session!


    Making impact together. Oaq Sustainability & SeDGe are joining forces in their initiative SOW. Curious what we do? Check out our teaser!


    SOW – Seeding Sustainability is een initiative of Mirjam van Laarhoven.

    We’re Mirjam van Laarhoven & a team of sustainability entrepreneurs. Sustainability experts who are eager to make this world a little better every day. Together with you! We love to work with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and professionals who want to do the same.

    How do we do it? We focus on what drives people. When we start with this drive, we make the right connections between people, ideas and companies in order to make impact ecologically, socially and economically. We’re planting the seed and together we’re making it grow so you will be able to make the impact yourself!

    To get there we’ve developed several frameworks and methodologies to get hands-on. This includes and introduction course, an in-depth course and a method to get to an integral sustainability strategy in order to book results. All to help and guide companies and individual professionals to actively work on sustainability and make an impact.

    Are you in?

    About the introduction course:

    “Good course if you want to start thinking about sustainability!”

    Peter Rindt - 'eso-x' - Science based sustainable consumer collective.

    Participants have taken their (first) step!

    About the sustainability strategy trajectory:

    “Definitely helps to translate sustainability as a “general concept” into concrete actions that you can take as a company / individual to make a contribution. The Sinek circle then resonates with me to continue to act with the goal in mind at all times.”

    Marc Janssen - Moonen Packaging

    Oprichter SOW Sustainabiilty: Mirjam van Laarhoven

    Mirjam van Laarhoven

    Founder SOW Sustainability

    “Her positive energy, it’s contagious! 


    I love nature, life and people & I want to contribute to a future-proof world as we are currently misusing ‘the system’ (socially and ecologically) and can do better. 

    By taking my part and focusing on my strengths, I  activate and facilitate others to also step in and make impact which gives me so much energy! 

    Jacklien Quirijnen

    Owner Oaq

    “Her dedication made me go the next mile”


    When traveling the world, I discovered how beautiful but fragile our blue and green living planet is. That is why I am driven to make the world more sustainable and to make a positive impact every day.

    Companies are key in transforming to a sustainable world. I love to work with entrepreneurs, teams and professionals and facilitating them to formulate a concrete strategy and achieve results.


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